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Youth Vote Episode 3:
Youth Vote
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Do young voters care enough to act?


Thomas Dec

Youth Vote Episode 3


Despite the political apathy that the entire Millenial generation has been accused of, there are a growing number of young people who are becoming interested and participating in the political process.

"I wanted to get involved...and the national leadership appointed me to the position." Thomas Dec- Connecticut High School Coordinator for Students for Barack Obama 

Young Voters' Election Energy Intensifies, Spurred by Economic Concerns and Desire for Change 

Rock the Vote's latest poll (9.23.08) of 18-29 year olds shows young voters are increasingly engaged in the upcoming presidential election, driven by concerns over the faltering economy and a sense that our country needs a new direction. Concern over the economy, while a top issue for young people since 2006, has intensified and is now the number one issue this election for nearly half (41%) of 18-29 year olds. The political leanings of young voters have remained steady since Rock the Vote's last poll in February: when asked for whom they would vote for president in November, 56% said Barack Obama and 29% said John McCain. 

Rock The Vote PollRock The Vote Poll 9.23.08


Jennifer KimJennifer Kim


"I gave for the first time financially to a political campaign and then I did a little phone banking." Jennifer Kim

Remember to vote on November 4

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