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Youth Vote Episode 2:
Youth Vote
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Do issues matter?


Michael Haye

Youth Vote Episode 2


In any election, there are many factors that determine why people vote for a certain candidate. Things like personality, party loyalty, and campaign platforms all play into voters' final decision. The question is which factors are most important to voters, specifically young voters? Are they voting on superficial attributes like charisma or showmanship rather than on the issues themselves? Does it really matter? 

What issues matter to young voters? 

  "The economic meltdown that is happening right now in the country." Michael Haye

Economy Surpasses Iraq as Top Issue

For the first time since we began asking the question in 2002, the poll shows that the economy is the most important national issue in the eyes of young Americans between the ages of 18 and 24. Barely on the horizon in our November 2007 survey, the economy is now the top concern for 30 percent of those who responded to our open-ended question. The war in Iraq was mentioned by 20 percent as the top issue, followed by health care (9%), social issues (6%), environment (5%), education (3%) and foreign policy (3%). The chart below highlights the changes between the Fall and Spring surveys. 


Harvard University Institute of Politics StudyHarvard University Institute of Politics Study

Carolyn BrokowskiCarolyn Brokowski 

 Are candidate accessible to young voters?

" ...I can't walk into a Senate building and sit down with either candidate and discus with them candidly how I feel..." Carolyn Brokowski


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