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WWL: Congressman John Larson
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1st Congressional District Congressman John Larson


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Update 9/3/09

On Wednesday, September 2, Congressman Larson held a town hall meeting about health care reform in West Hartford.  For more, you can read Daniela Altimari's story in The Hartford Courant.  Join the conversation about health care reform - leave your comments below.

Congressman John Larson is mourning the death of a man he calls a “true friend and mentor” – Senator Edward Kennedy.

Larson calls his appearance with Kennedy at a rally for then-candidate Barack Obama “one of his proudest moments.” We’ll share reflections with you about the impact of the Massachusetts Senator.

We’ll also talk about the issue Kennedy fought for until the end of his life – universal health care. The intricacies of the various health reform plans have been shouted down by a sometimes angry – and increasingly polarized – political shouting match.

Congressman Larson is one of many Democrats to hold a “telephone town hall meeting” on the subject.

We’ll also talk about the Congressman’s own health – as he recovers from heart valve replacement surgery.


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