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Connecticut's Juvenile Training School
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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What's the future of Connecticut's Juvenile Training School?


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Bill Rosenbeck and Laura HerscovitchBill Rosenbeck and Laura Herscovitch

The Connecticut Juvenile Training School has a troubled history, but state officals are betting that it can be rehabilitated.

The problems with CJTS date back to scandals in the Rowland administration. Critics wondered why the 240 bed facility was needed. CJTS went against all successful models of small group care and established a quasi-prison for young people with very special needs.

Complaints of improper restraint and seclusion were compounded by poor planning, and nearly everyone, including Governor Rell called for it to be shut down.

But last year juvenile justice advocates got something they had long wanted - an increase in the age of those admitted to adult prison, from 16 to 18. With a start date in 2010 the CJTS is now a necessary space for an increased juvenile population.

Today, on Where We Live we will take a look at the history and the future of the Connecticut Juvenile Training School and juvenile justice in the state. We'll talk with the man behind the state juvenille program in Missouri, which is being used as a model, and we'll go through a report that gives recommendations.

Click here to download the report CJTS: What Now?

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