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Telecommuting in Connecticut more Prevelant than Ever


Every morning Connecticut roads are jammed with cars bearing weary looking people dressed in business attire, drinking from their travel mugs and waiting in traffic. But for a growing number of Connecticut workers, going to work is a simple as grabbing a cup of coffee from the kitchen, heading to the den or home office and turning on the Computer. It may be the high cost of gas, or that technology has made it a reality, but telecommuting has skyrocketed in Connecticut. Currently more than 158,000 Connecticut residents work from home at least one day a month, an 86 percent increase from five years ago. According to the DOT, that means 60,000 less cars on Connecticut roadways every weekday.

Coming up on the next Front and Center with Ray Hardman we’ll take a look at the Telecommuting phenomenon. Who does it? How feasible is it? Is everything that can be done in an office be done at home? Who benefits from the telecommute experience? What is in it for employers? Joining Ray in the studio is Jean LoStimolo from the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s Telecommute Connecticut. Joing Ray live via webcam (A first for F&C!!) is Brian Molinari, a telecommuter and technology consultant for Telecommute Connecticut.

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