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RNC Wrap Up/School Bullying
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A Wrap Up of the Republican National Convention and How to Prevent Bullying at School


McCain-Palin at the RNCMcCain-Palin at the RNC     The Republican National Convention has come to close. On this edition of Front and Center, Ray talks with Hartford Courant columnist Larry Cohen, and State Republican Party Chair Chris Healy. They discuss the highlights of the RNC in St. Paul, including clips from Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's and Senator John McCain's speeches to the Republican delegates.

Then, with a new school year, it's always a good time to talk about school bullying. A new report over the summer by the Yale School of Medicine revealed a link between bullying and suicide in children. Ray talks with Dr. Joanne Frieberg, the state department of education’s point person on bullying, about the signs of bullying, what should you do as parents, and what is the school's responsibility in keeping your child safe from bullies.

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