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Buying and Eating Local
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Local Farmers are busy this summer



Tainted produceTainted produceHigh gas prices and salmonella scares have made buying locally grown products not only safe, but also more cost effective. Add to that the public’s growing interest in quality, organic food, and you have consumers lining up at Farmer's Markets statewide to buy locally grown produce, cheese, meat and baked goods. Connecticut farmers say they are scrambling to keep up with the demand. On this edition of Front and Center, we'll talk about buying and eating local.West Hartford Farmer's MarketWest Hartford Farmer's Market


Joining Ray in the studio is David Zemelsky, co-owner of Starlight Gardens in Durham Connecticut, a farm that specializes in organic greens; Rick Macsuga, the Farmers' Market Program Manager for the Connecticut Department of Agriculture; and Chef Mark Shadle, owner of It’s Only Natural Restaurant in Middletown.


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