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What makes body art so appealing?


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From the lines and dots on the body of Otzi the Neolothic iceman to the tramp stamp barely visible on the bridesmaids dress, the urge to ink seems an inseparable part of the human story.

But why? Why do some of us want to do it, and why are some of us repelled by the idea?

Why did I get the face of Teri Gross tattooed on my cheek?  If she ever saw I would so embarrassed. But under what circumstances would she ever see it? Ok, off topic off topic ...

Today, a show about Body Art. What accounts for the vogue for tattoos in the last couple of decades? Anne Fitzgerald of Trinity College studies it as a scholar. The guys from Pelican Tattoo and body piercing are living the dream. Do you applaud or deplore the current body art boom? What do you think makes people do it? What tattoo should Colin get?

Sound off in the comments or write us at [email protected].

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Facebook Comment from Ralph

I'm thinking of getting an I love Colin tattoo.

Facebook Comment from Mike

Just got one for my 50th! Love it!

Listener E-mail from Karen

I came in late to the discussion about tattoos today, but I just thought you might be interested in my tattoo shop mystery series published by Penguin.The first book in the series, THE MISSING INK, came out in July, and the second, PRETTY IN INK, will be out in March. I have a contract for two more books as well.

I am a local author, I live in North Haven Ct. If you do another show about tattoos, I'd love to talk to you if you'd like. I believe that the fact that a big publisher took a chance on a tattoo shop mystery means tattoos are definitely in the mainstream.

All best,
Karen Olson

Listener Email from Mike

My 2 cents: I myself, feel so sorry when I see young girls with tattoos on covering their forearms and such. They are making decisions that can not be easily undone that will effect them the rest of their life. I thank God the bad perms l got in highschool (in the 80's) were not permanent. I have never seen a woman, who has been made more attractive by a tattoo. Just my opinion. Mike from meriden

Listener E-mail from Theresa

In "Until I Found You" by John Irving, tattooing plays a big role in the book. One character is actually "addicted" to tattooing and have full body tattoos. He is described as always being cold as a result... Is it true that people with a full-body work tend to feel cold?

Listener Email from Jeff P.

Prof. Fitzgerald,

Just wanted to let you know I'm listening to & enjoying the show. Also got a new tat recently. Take care.

Email from Linda

I think a CT Grown or Farm-to-Chef logo on your forehead would look lovely and would highlight your eyes very nicely.