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CMS: Symphonies and Sambas
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It takes more than 300 performers to realize Britten’s War Requiem, so it doesn’t happen often.


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Today we're talking about two kinds of music that almost could not be more different. 

You'd naturally associate Trinity College with something like the War Requiem, Benjamin Britten's massive piece for orchestra and voice. Well, we're talking about the War Requiem today, but Trinity College brings us to another kind of music - the College actually offers Samba, the silken, rhythmic Brazilian music form, as a course of study. 

I've been listening to Brazilian music all my adult life, but I'm not sure I could explain what makes a samba and samba ... as opposed to a bossa nova or a mambo, for instance.

As for the War Requiem, we just felt we couldn't let the staging of something this massive happen without taking a look inside the workings of it.

Britten's piece, to be performed this Sunday at St. Joseph Cathedral requires more than 300 performers which means knitting together a lot of groups.

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