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Commentators Tom Dudchik and Patty McQueen discuss what's hot this election cycle.


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This is an unusual year in Connecticut politics in so many ways.  Let's focus for a moment on two.

It's unusual to have so few incumbents. Incumbents have so many advantages that it's big news when they lose.

Although all five of our Congressional races feature incumbents, almost nothing else does. Senator, governor, attorney general and secretary of state are all open offices, which means the candidates start from something a little closer to a level playing field.

And this election is, I believe, the beginning of a sort of post-journalism era. The influence of old-line journalism is falling, and  nothing is riding to replace it. Reporting and commentary don't seem te move the needle very much, which makes me think paid advertising will be of paramount importance. And maybe also old-fashioned in-person contact with voters.

My panelists may think otherwise.

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