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CMS: Political Roundtable
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Daniela Altimari joins Duby McDowell to talk Connecticut politics.


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We knew 2010 would be a crazy year in Connecticut politics. But maybe we didn't know how crazy.

In recent days, the front runner for the post of Attorney General has spent five hours in court answering questions about whether she's ever really been an attorney. It makes her nomination look less safe and her triumph over potential Republican opponents look less certain. And when was the last time a Republican attorney general candidate had a snowball's chance?

In the race for the US Senate nomination, a Republican politician with a reputation for questionable tactics in previous campaigns is up against a newcomer - a multi-millionaire who made her fortune out of choreographed dirty fighting.

On the much more dignified Democratic side, there's been a lot of stuff with rubber chickens in the mail and people in chicken suits.

Oh, and the mayor of Hartford is on trial. it's political roundtable time.

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