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CMS: The Mystical Arts of Tibet
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Clear your mind on tax day with prayers, meditations and wisdom from three Tibetan monks.


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"Free of distraction, free of clinging, free of meditation. Beyond intellect: Remain in the state beyond intellect. Great Perfection. Selfless, unborn, free of extremes, inexpressible."

Remain in the ineffable state of the Great Perfection. So says Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche.

But it's so difficult for most of us to take even the first of ten steps in that direction. Last Saturday I had at, at least, a moment of seeing how unquiet my mind really is, how discursive my thoughts, how caught up I was in striving.

So I went outside and sat quietly for a while and felt the breeze on my face and noticed the light in the trees.

In a few minutes, you will meet four lamas from the Drepung Loseling Monastery. If you get nothing else out of the experience, I hope you're inspired, at least once in the next few days, to quiet your monkey mind.

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