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Small staffs, smaller budgets and BIG dreams - how do "micro" publications survive?


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When we started doing this show, we met, right away, three very cool small Connecticut magazines. The cut-ups at The CuT -- an online magazine for and by Connecticut young adults -- instantly became our favorite essayists. Mark Oppenheimer and Brian Slattery from the New Haven Review are our go-to guys for all kinds of cultural questions, And Connecticut Explored, formerly the Hog River Journal, has helped us do a bunch of history-themed shows.
But then there was this second wave of small magazines we'd never heard of. They started writing to us, and after a while I realized there's this basic, innate human need to put out one's own magazine ... even though there already ARE a lot of magazines. There can always be one more.
Today, meet the keepers of Venu, the Scope, Nib-Lit and Gently-Read literature. 
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