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CMS: Manners in a Digital Age
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In an age of Internet avatars ... are we losing our civility?


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In the movie Gran Torino, the character played by Clint Eastwood is appalled to notice his granddaughter texting during her grandmother's funeral.

It just doesn't seem that improbable. Somehow, the digital age has cut loose a whole new howling wind on boorishness. At a more subtle level, there are questions that may vex even a reasonable well-mannered person. If you're on Facebook, when can you defriend somebody who has become an actual liability? If you're on a match.com date, how quickly can you leave if the occasion is sinking like the Titanic? And Crackberries? Well, nobody seems to know when to pick them up or put them down.

There are people who are trying to figure out the new nuances of etiquette, and you'll meet them today as Jacques Lamarre and I thread out way through the digital labyrinth of modern manners. Hold on. I'm being Tweeted ... OK, no big deal.

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Listener E-mail from Scott

My wife and I had to unfriend our own nineteen year old son due to content on his Facebook page. She is a fifth grade teacher and with the way things are nowaday, anything that anyone finds offensive could be grounds for Termination. He is an "adult" and we have no control of his content, so we did the only thing we could.