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CMS: Helping Haiti
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Colin checks in with two local groups working in Haiti and tells you how to make donations.


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In Mountains Beyond Mountains, his book about Dr. Phillip Farmer and Haiti, Tracy Kidder wrote: "The world is full of miserable places. One way of living comfortably is not to think about them or, when you do, to send money."

For decades, most of us have been doing a pretty good job doing the former -- not thinking about Haiti. Now -- shocked by images from an earthquake -- we're doing the latter. Tonight, some of the biggest celebrities from around the world will be raising huge amounts on cash on television.

But Haiti, before the earthquake, looked a lot like most countries would after an earthquake. Death at an early age from the country's chronic state of near famine and dirty drinking water was and is a common fact of life.

Today, we'll look at two small nonprofits trying to help Haiti. Both have been on the ground there for many years. Neither one is likely to be mentioned on television tonight.

We'll also check in on the situation in Iraq, starting the show with Dr. James Ludes, whose recent book, Iraq Uncensored, takes stock of the lessons the U.S. military can learn from our protracted engagements in the Middle East.

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