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CMS: Great Unfinished Works
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When it comes to great projects, you either get them done or you don't.


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I started to think about this show when I read about author Larry Kramer, laboring to finish a book project called The American People. The book is already 4,000 pages long.

Many of us have some big artistic project that never seems to get finished. That's a pretty common condition. But then there are epics like Kramer's book -- titanic undertakings that, because of their breadth and scope and because of the creator's reputation, seem destined never to be finished or to take so long that the final product can never equal the expectations.

In fact, some works are more famous and more revered during the years and years in which they are whispered about but undelivered.

And then there are the creators who died leaving others to "realize" their work. And so we have a show that will touch upon Tolkien, Guns and Roses, Truman Capote, Brian Wilson, Vladimir Nabokov, Robert Jordan ... wait! I'm not finished ...

Also a conversation with Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz about her decision to drop out of the gubernatorial race and run for Attorney General.

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