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CMS: A Gazetteer of Strange Science
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We'll talk about the Large Hardon Collider, redesigning glaciers and the crazy world of "mesofacts."


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We'd probably be better of talking about Sarah Palin or Ryan Seacrest or something today, but sometimes we like to do a show about some of the cool ideas we run across in our gleanings.

This show episode started with the idea of mesofacts, which is information that changes over the duration of a human lifetime in a way that escapes normal human perception.

At some level, you probably know that dinosaurs had feathery bristles and stripes and patches and looked, in many cases, a lot like birds, but that's not your menal picture of a dinosaur. And how many people live on this planet? 3.5 billion? 5 billion?

If you said 6.8 billion, you've kept up. And how many planets have been discovered and identified outside our solar system? One? Five? (Try 400)

From there we move to geo-engineering storms and glaciers and to the Large Hadron Collider. And we promise to make it fun. And scary.

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This episode was produced with help from Jonathon McNicol.

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