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CMS: Eavesdropping on the Brain
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Our brain interprets music, but what types of music does it make?


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We know that music has a tremendous and not entirely logical impact on the brain.

I've been noticing that lately, as the skimpy, but important musical part of my life seems to be the only thing that beats the late winter blues.

But today we turn the question on its head. If the brain itself could make music, if each part of the brain were like one pedal or key on a pipe organ, what musical sounds would it make? (You can hear one sample below.)

Dan Lloyd, a Trinity College philosopher studying consciousness, has developed a program that by passes the voice box, the fingers and all the other parts we use to make music and actually thinks a melody.

On the second half of the program, why don't our brains work better? Why don't we notice things and catch mistakes? Why don't we get better at things over time? You think you do get better? Well, that's a mistake. Believe me, I could have written a book about mistakes. Our guest did.

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