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CMS: Doubles and Doppelgangers
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Have you ever met someone that not only looked like you but acted and talked like you as well?


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Last year i got hooked on an Irish writer named Tana French. Reading her second book, "The Likeness,"  I found myself struggling - just a little - with its major plot point. That there could be two people who so closely resembled each other that one could step into the other's identity and fool the people who knew her best.

But maybe it's not that big a stretch. And it's certainly not all that new or uncommon in literature, as you'll hear later in the show today. 

But even in our own lives, it's not that uncommon to hear about one's own double or to meet the double of someone else one knows. 

And I'm not talking about strong resemblances. 

I'm talking about those shocking moments in which Person A looks so much like Person B that it creates genuine and often spooky confusion in other people. The fact that it happens will raise some pressing questions on today's show. 

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Too bad, so sad, that I missed your show about doubles. For some reason, doubtless having something to do with quantum physics, WNPR’s streaming web-cast only works well in the morning. As an identical twin I am always interested in the topic of doubles … my brother and I have some great stories about swapping places. I am also intrigued by the idea of entangled particles, that is an important part of quantum physics. It is important to remember, however, that although an elegant theory that explains much about the machinations of the real world, and with some bodacious real-world applications, there are some gapping holes in the empirical evidence to support the theory. As with the concept of Yen/Yang, perhaps there is more truth, than fact, in quantum physics.


Listener E-mail from B.R.

I know that you're running out of ideas for your show.  But purveying such pseudoscientific  new age crap as epitomized by the bulk of today's show is unconscionable.  The quantum behavior of particles is NOT irrational . . . at least for those who choose to spend even a little time trying  to understand it.  And knowing a few glib phrases is not understanding it.  There is more than enough intellectual laziness in our culture without you encouraging it.
B. R.
(retired physicist)