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CMS: Connecticut State Troubadour
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Lara Herscovitch talks about life as the Connecticut State Troubadour.


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One of the nice things about this program is that we're not always thinking about the things everybody else in the news media is thinking about. In fact, we almost never are. But it is right that we check in, every so often, on the world of public policy and on some of the major debates gripping the nation right now. And I enjoy doing that with Congressman John Larson. I've known him since his days in the state Senate. He is now the four-ranking Democrat in the U.S. House of Representatives. The days when I could sneak into a party claiming I was John Larson -- which I once did -- are over. So we'll run through the hot buttons of the moment: jobs, health care, don't ask don't tell.

And then you and I will meet Connecticut's current state troubadour, Lara Herscovitch -- as our show drifts gently back into its usual hazy state of alternate reality.

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