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CMS: Chion Wolf Rockin' Halloween Eve Special
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Ghosts! Paranormal mediums! Doppelgangers! Oh my!



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Halloween is the reason the American candy industry will never need a federal bailout. I mean, if we had a holiday when people had to hand out Chevys to kids who rang the doorbell ...well, I guess that really isn't practical. But Halloween is more than that.

We honor the notion that the veil is thin, which means contact with other worlds and spirit realms is more possible, even probable. So today we'll explore a few of those other worlds. Theresa Kramer has an audio essay about a famous downstate ghost. Chion Wolf meets her doppelganger, a double leading a parallel life in eastern Connecticut. Annie Kelleher straightens us out about witches and wiccans and pagans.  The Ghosthunters from the SyFy channel tell us about their visit to the Mark Twain House and Hans Felsendinger, our German correspondent, has some question about this odd American holiday. 

Is that enough for you? It's Halloween. The ghosts are out. Who you gonna call?


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