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Jamais Cascio
Ethical Futurist
Open the Future

Jamais Cascio lives just outside San Francisco with his wife and two cats. Cascio began designing future scenarios very early in his work. In the 1990s, Cascio worked for the futurist and scenario planning firm Global Business Network. In 2003, with Alex Steffen, he co-founded the popular environmental website Worldchanging, where he wrote the plurality of the site's content, covering topics including urban design, climate science, renewable energy, open source models, emerging technologies, social networks, "leapfrog" global development, and ethical strategies which include a "bright green" apprach. After his TED Talk in 2006 and his groundbreaking essay "The Open Future" he established his own blog presence at Open the Future ...with enough minds, all tomorrows are visible". In 2007 he was a lead author on the Metaverse Roadmap Overview. He is a research fellow at the Institute for the Future, and as scenario design lead along with Jane McGonigal for the "massively multiplayer forecasting game," Superstruct in 2008.  Cascio is also a Senior Fellow for the IEET, and a Director of Impacts Analysis for Center For Responsible Nanotech. In 2009 Cascio was selected as Foreign Policy Global top 100 thinkers #72 and cited as a "guru of all things on the horizon".

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