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Colin McEnroe
Hartford Courant

 I went to work for the Hartford Courant in 1976 and ended my days as a full-time employee at the paper in 1995. I still write a column for NE, the Sunday magazine of the Courant. I have written three books, two now-long-forgotten humor collections published by Doubleday in the 1980s and, more recently, My Father's Footprints, published by Warner Books. I have been, at various times, a contributing editor at Mirabella, Men's Health and Mademoiselle. I currently do a lot of writing for Best Life, sort of a Men's Health spin-off. I have also written for Cosmopolitan, the New York Times Op-ed page, Forbes FYI and lots and los of other magazines.
I have written plays, including "A Woman of a Certain Age," with music and lyrics by Steve Metcalf and Lary Bloom, produced at the Ivoryton Playhouse.  I teach, usually in the fall, at Trinity College. My graduate seminar on blogs will be offered for a second time in the fall of 2006.
I have a son, often known as Mortimer. I have no friends. I have puppets, and they told me to write this.
-Courtesy of Colin McEnroe's blog on Courant.com