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Connecticut's Great Discoveries in Archaeology
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When most people think of archaeology, they think of Egypt, Mexico, or Peru. However, our state of Connecticut has a wonderful archaeological heritage and many interesting sites.  Dr. Nicholas Bellantoni, Connecticut's State Archaeologist presents examples of the archaeological diversity of the state, including Native American sites dating to 11,000 years ago, Indian forts from the 17th century, Colonial homesteads, water-powered industrial mill ruins, cemeteries, underwater shipwrecks and, even two WWII plane crashes.  The “Greatest Hits” of Connecticut archaeology! 
As State Archaeologist, Dr. Bellantoni provides curatorial oversight of over 600,000 artifacts and maintains over 5,000 site files and map records. He is typically involved in over 20 field excavations, 300 municipal project proposals, and 150 field reviews each year. He also teaches anthropology classes at UCONN.

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