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Blackledgemusic at the Carousel Museum
Ticket Price: Adults $6;seniors $5.50; Children 4-14 $3.50; Children 1-3 $2
For Tickets, Contact: Venue

 Join us for a fun concert at 2 PM at the Carousel Museum in Bristol,CT on June 8. Blackledgemusic, Inc. and Blackledge Flutes will present a concert program "Places,Moods & Styles" works by Catherine McMichaels; Joseph Lauber,Randall Thompson,Nancy Bloomer Deussen,and Gordon Jacob. Performers are Mary Ellen Briga- Violin; Amy Jones Gantkin - Viola; Carolyn Schwartz Engle -Cello; Peter Standaart - C Flute, Bass Flute, Piccolo; Helene Rosenblatt - C Flute, alto flute,piccolo; Heather Stegmaeir -C Flute, Alto Flute, Piccolo; Naomi Senzer - C Flute, Piccolo.