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State Sen. Williams Reacts to Gov. Rell's Budget Proposal
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State Senator and President Pro Tempore Donald E. Williams, Jr. spoke with WNPR's Ray Hardman about Governor M. Jodi Rell's 2011 budget proposal.  State Sen. Williams said Senate Democrats are reviewing the Governor's suggestions and are considering proposals that will benefit the state.  

"I would like to see bipartisan support and agreement with the Governor on taking care of the rest of the budget problems," said Williams.  

State Sen. Williams also said small businesses, economic recovery, jobs creation, and revolving loan funds will take priority on the Senate Democrats' agenda if a budget is passed before the May 5 deadline.

Governor Rell proposed Economic Recovery Notes, a quasi-public Port Authority, early retirement packages, and borrowing from the state's rainy day funds to close the budget gap.  



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