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Lockdown Lifted For Most Prisoner Units at Northern Correctional
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State prison officials have lifted most of a lockdown at Northern Correctional Institution in Somers after three separate attacks on prison guards.  Now, one legislator is calling for stricter penalties on inmates to curb these kinds of incidents.

Department of Corrections spokesman Brian Garnett says five of the prison's six units are back to normal operations. He says the lockdown continues at the unit where the most serious assault happened.

The lockdown was imposed last Friday after four inmates at Northern were involved in three separate attacks on prison guards. None of the guards were seriously hurt.

Prison officials are working with state police to prosecute the inmates.

State Representative Karen Jarmoc whose district includes Somers says there should be stricter consequences for inmates who assault prison staff.

"From what I understand is that the amount of time they are receiving is not really taht consequential and not stiff and wouldn't really impact an imates decision as to whether or not they would assault an officer or staff person."

Jarmoc says a legislative sub-committee on correctional officer health and safety is expected to meet in October. She expects the committee to discuss enacting tougher consequences on inmates who assault prison staff. The Legislature can then take up the committee's recommendations when the next Session starts in February.

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