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Fedele: First Republican Candidate in 2010 Governor's Race
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Michael Fedele made his announcement before an audience of Connecticut businessmen and women who gathered in Cromwell for a forum on the future of Manufacturing. Fedele, who owns a national IT company says he's running because Connecticut faces a defining moment 

"Our state economy is in the danger zone, families are still struggling, businesses are still stagnating and far too many people are still out of work. We need to create new jobs to grow our economy, we need to create new jobs to generate revenue for our state and local govts and we need a Governor who will create new jobs, not new taxes."

Fedele pointed out he has plenty of experience for the job after serving 10 years in the State House of Representatives and 3 years as Lieutenant Governor.

He's the first Republican to announce his candidacy although he'll likely have plenty of company in the primary.  Tom Foley, Former U.S ambassador to Ireland is expected to announce this week whether he'll drop out of the Senate race to run for Governor. And two prominent Republicans in the state legislature, Senate Minority Leader John McKinney and House Minorty Leader, Larry Cafero are also weighing their options.

After his announcement, Fedele didnt' stick around for reporters questions.  One question that plagued him last month was whether Rell would endorse him after he informally announced his intention to run.  He said yes but later had to clarify his statement after Rell said she would support the candidate who gets the state GOP nomination.  

On Wednesday, Tom Foley will make an announcement at the Hartford Hilton about his future political plans