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Connecticut Supreme Court: Same Sex Couples Can Marry
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Janet Peck and her partner of 33 years Carol Coughlin were among the eight plaintiffs who sued the state: Photo by Chion WolfPlantiffs Janet Peck and her partner of 33 years Carol Coughlin: Photo by Chion WolfThe state Supreme Court has ruled that same sex couples can marry here. Connecticut now joins Massachusetts and California as the only states to allow same-sex couples to marry.

The court ruled 4 to 3 that gay and lesbian couples can not be banned from marrrying due to equal protections provisions under the state constitution.

Connecticut has allowed civil unions since 2005  but the court found the state law illegally discriminated against same sex couples

Janet Peck and her partner of 33 years Carol Coughlin were among the eight plaintiffs who sued the state over the right to marry.

"And I so look forward to the day when I take this woman's hand look deeply into her eyes and pledge my deep love and support and commitment to her in marriage."

Opponents called the ruling outrageous but an appeal is not expected.
The court's ruling goes into effect October 28.

Read the text of the majority decision here 

Read the text of the first dissent here

Read the text of the second dissent here

Read the text of the third dissent here 

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Gay Marriage

FINALLY! The courts have recognized that discrimation was happening in our state. These relationships are no different than any others - 2 people loving each other and committing to spending their lives together.

This has nothing to do with religion.

This has to do with our legal system, not the churches or temples that these ceremonies may or may not take place in.

Good for the courts for doing what was right and fair.

My daughter will be able to see that her parents are legally joined together as a family, as we rightly should have always been able to do.

Let's maintain the meaning of "Marriage"

I disagree with the Court's ruling.  Marriage is between a man and woman in the presence of God.  To call the union of a same-sex couple a "marriage" diminishes the value of the institution of marriage.  Opposite sex couples get married in the church - before God, entering into a covenant with him.  If same-sex couples want to be joined legally, let's consider them "civil unions".  Otherwise, what's the purpose of getting married in the Church if you could live against the laws of God and consider your union in the same light?  Let's protect the institution of marriage instead of cheapening it.

If lawmakers listened to the people they're representing, not the special interest groups, marriage would remain as it was intended.


Let them live the way they want

I feel that people should beable to love who they want gay or straight I am a mother whos son is gay and i love him no matter what people should mind there own buissness